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The Liverpool Pet Care Company is a professional business, run by Lisa O'Connor.
Lisa is a veterinary nurse and has 20 years experience of caring for pets.

Due to customer demand, we have decided to widen our range of services to provide your pets with the best care and attention. Ensuring they have a happy heathly life!


Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what our wonderful clients have to say about us!


Pauline Mulligan

Lisa and Benji have looked after our elderly cat Zoe a number of times now. Zoe is very timid and needs to know people. Lisa and Benji are the best people ever for looking after all pets. I’m just so happy we found them for our little Zoe.


Lynn Monks

Lisa has looked after Lily and Harry our spoilt furbabies a number of times for us now and she is fab. Thank goodness we found her, they are much happier and settled staying at home and although Lily is quite shy she is really comfortable with Lisa and has been from the first time. We know they are in safe hands and are being loved and looked after in our absence. Thanks Lisa


Marlene Falcone

I can’t thank Lisa and benji enough , Lisa has cared for my cat on multiple occasions and most recently benji, she always seems really relaxed when I come back and she is noticeably relaxed when around Lisa
Lisa has has also groomed Kally which is amazing as she hates having it done
5 star quality and great customer service


Colette Louise Russell

I have been using Lisa now for a couple of years! Highly recommended my cats Fred and Sam and very happy when I return home from holiday as they are in the comfort of there own home! Best thing I ever did was use Lisa and her services!